Franklin Honey Company, Inc.

All natural, Local, Honeybee Products

Franklin Honey Company, Inc. started in the spring of 2006. Roger read an article about keeping honeybees and was immediately intrigued! Roger has always been the “outdoors type” and had a small apple orchard and both vegetable and flower gardens throughout the yard. The idea of being able to pollinate these with his very own bees was exciting. He began by taking a class with the Worcester County Beekeepers Association. Lauren joined the process shortly after it began, also intrigued by the amazing little creatures.


We started with two initial colonies and have grown quickly over the past several years to 35+ hives. Our hives are located at Spring St, White Barn Farm, and Fairmount Fruit Farm. Please go to the Links page for website links to our different hive locations


Our growth has come primarily from our own survivor stock along with nucs made from northern bred queens. We are committed to raising our colonies without the use of harsh chemicals. By not using antibiotics or chemicals we have taken our losses over the years, but have also developed strong strains that are able to resist mites, diseases, pests, and harsh winters.


Our honey and wax products are pure and un-altered. They are just the way the honeybees have made them! We have experimented with several recipes and have been able to perfect numerous products. Including, hand cream, lip balm, soap and pure candles. Roger, also known as a wood worker, has made all the components of the hive and tailored them so that the fit the needs of the honeybees perfectly.


Our goal is to inform, educate, and entertain while sharing our experiences. We hope that you find the honeybee as interesting and exciting as we do. They have provided us with endless memories and continue to amaze us daily! Please share your thoughts and experiences and let us know what you think about our website.