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Raw and Unprocessed



8oz             $6.00 



1lb              $11.00



2lb              $20.00



Gift Bags

Great for the Teachers, Hosts, Family and Friends!




Cut Comb           $25.00 SOLD OUT



Pollen (8oz)      $10.00 SOLD OUT




Soap           $7.00


Soap Bundle 4 for $25


Soap Net     $4.00


Soaps act as a natural humectant. Made with beeswax, organic oils and essential oil blends. See below for an updated scent list.

Soap Scents


Apple Blossom  SOLD OUT


Basil Mint  

Bay Rum    

Buzz Bee (coffee and honey)  SOLD OUT

Castile (unscented)

Cedar wood with Pumice 

Citrus Burst  SOLD OUT

Cranberry Orange  SOLD OUT

Eucalyptus Spearmint  

Green Clove and Aloe 


Lavender and Charcoal

Lavender and Lemon  SOLD OUT


Lemon, Sage and Ginger 

Lemongrass with Cranberry seeds 

Orange Patchouli 

Rosemary and Lemon  SOLD OUT

Rosemary and Oatmeal  SOLD OUT

Sea Salt and Drift Wood  SOLD OUT

Sweet Almond and Clove 

Tea Tree 





Lip balm             $3.00


Hand Cream      $6.00


Votive Candle    $3.00


Pure Bee's Wax  $1.25/oz



Special Occasion Favors

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